ABIS Tax Advice

Abis Tax is a #1 accounting company and tax consultant based in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Our clients range from high net worth individuals to major private ltd companies. Abis Tax Specialist has been expanded by delivering premium services to customers outside the usual function of enforcement. In addition to high-level tax planning, tax return, specialist teams include corporate finance, tax management, financial planning, business strategy and growth, human resources, payroll management and accounting systems.

Tax Advice

Tax advice and understanding the tax opportunities open to you, given your situation, can help you make better choices. Your actions can also help to reduce your tax bill. It could pay to think outside the box.

Your main exemption from residence may not be applied directly to the property in which you live. Invoking a capital gain of one investment will generate a much better tax outcome if you sell another investment. Purchasing an asset in one name for a tax deduction could be the worst possible decision for future CGT exposure. Buying a commercial property in a business or on an individual basis may be better for tax and risk management purposes in a different structure. Being a foreign national may not deliver the best tax result, even if you earn income from a foreign employment agreement.

Australian tax legislation is very complex and time-consuming, and understanding how your conditions fit into this legal jigsaw may give you a fascinating insight into making smart decisions that suit you.

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